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Man feeling determined climbing up a steep mountain side.

Our mission is to guide you towards a bold and visionary future, even if it means venturing into uncharted territory.  We start with defining your purpose to give meaning and coherence to your work and drive change from the inside out.

We take a holistic approach to transformation, harmonizing various elements such as strategy, governance, leadership, organizational design, performance metrics, and rewards.  Our focus is to enable individuals to lead their own transformations, by prioritizing a human-centered approach.

We are partners in your success.  If you succeed, we succeed in fulfilling our mission to make business a force for good. 



Purpose Building Transformation.   Purpose is the reason why companies exist and how they create value for the benefit of people and the planet.  We partner with leaders who want to transform their organizations from business as usual to a purpose based approach for greater performance and long term value creation. We work alongside them to define their purpose, envision a new future, and then co-create the strategy, culture, and leadership capacity to make that future real.  To achieve this, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the unique strengths and opportunities of an organization, we embed purpose at the core of the strategy and governance,  we put purpose into practice by defining actions aligned with all stakeholders and finally, we measure the impact that purpose brings to profitability and long term value creation. 

Leaders Inner Evolution. The foundation of any transformation often lies in the exploration of one’s own perspectives and role in the world. We partner with leaders who want to transform their organisations for greater impact.  As we approach the next two decades, leaders must adapt and evolve at an unprecedented pace. Our mission is to assist organizations in cultivating purpose-driven leadership that is rooted in self-awareness, innovation, and adaptability. We aim to accomplish this on both, an individual and collective level, utilizing human-centered practices, evolutionary intelligence and neuroscience  to empower leaders to take ownership of their work challenges and facilitate personal growth to drive transformative change within their organizations and contribute to societal transformation. 

Societal Transformation.  We partner with business leaders and philanthropists to help build movements, coalitions, and largescale societal-impact campaigns that accelerate change on the most pressing issues of our time. By adopting sustainable and socially responsible business practices, promoting innovation, diversity and inclusion, and advocating for policies that promote social and environmental justice, companies can make a positive impact on society and contribute to a better future for all.


It is better to take action now and create a bright future than to look back and regret missed opportunities. (Roberta Calarese - Founder and CEO of GHAYA)




We believe that there is blind spot in leadership, management and social change, that revolves around the interior condition of leaders, specifically their inner source when determining courses of action. 

The present moment can be seen either as an extension of the past or a gateway to a field of future  possibilities.  It is crucial for leaders to develop an ability to connect with evolutionary intelligence to start to sense and actualize what the future seeks to manifest in the present moment, this also means our highest future possibility.  

As we develop our ability to connect to evolutionary intelligence, we start to transition from egosystem to ecosystem, where we become more connected to our purpose, stakeholders, and the plane.