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It is with great pride that we announce the release of the “WORLD WITH PURPOSE White Paper,” meticulously prepared for the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Culture of the United Arab Emirates.

This groundbreaking White Paper is the culmination of insights, discussions, and resolutions generated during the inaugural World with Purpose Summit (WWP), 1st Edition 2023, organized by GHAYA. At this summit, thought leaders, visionaries, and influencers converged to explore and address crucial issues shaping our world. To view the full paper, click here: 


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GHAYA is a purpose to impact strategy consultancy driven to inspire, empower and transform leaders and corporations to align economic growth with social and environmental progress starting from purpose.  

As global challenges highlight the need for deep transformation, our mission is to advance the most crucial agenda of our time: “To support leaders and corporations to implant purpose at the heart of their business strategy to solve climate and system’s issues and drive change towards a global impact economy where no one gets left behind.”

In our mission, we are guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals towards mutual value creation. 


Yesterday’s operating models will not fuel the economies of tomorrow.  A new approach is needed which addresses the interconnectedness of our system. 


We define success as the value we create for all stakeholders, including employees, customers, communities, and the planet. It should be measured not just by profit, but by metrics such as sustainability, social responsibility, and purposeful leadership. It should encourage individuals and businesses to take responsibility for their impact on society and the environment, and to work towards creating a more just and equitable world.  By embracing this new definition of success, we can inspire others and create a ripple effect of positive change that will benefit generations to come. So let us strive for excellence, not just for ourselves, but for the world around us.


OUR CLIENTS ARE LEADERS COMMITTED TO DOING BUSINESS WITH PURPOSE AND FOCUSED ON TRANSFORMATION.  They are the ones who are leading the way in creating institutions, movements, experiences, products, and services that drive economic growth and long-term value creation.

At GHAYA, we collaborate with our clients to tackle their most challenging and promising opportunities. Whether it’s transforming their businesses, making a greater personal impact in society, or forging partnerships to achieve more significant outcomes than any single organization could alone, we’re here to help.  Our approach involves building systems of transformation that can drive change at personal, scale and systemic levels.  We always take a human-centered and purpose-driven approach, considering the full system and honing in on where transformation is most needed.

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Purpose-driven, fact-informed. We take the long view to envision where you want to take your business—imagining what’s possible, then helping you build up to it in a realistic way.

Driven to inspire. We don’t lecture—we inspire, evoke, compel. Using the power of purpose, we bring ideas to life in creative ways that get a gut-level response and truly help people see new opportunities to create meaningful impact.

Unleash capabilities in the system. We don’t treat symptoms; we engage systems. We believe that you already possess the keys to your greatness. Our approach ensures that your team can, and will, achieve more than it realized it could.

Owning your success.  We are partners in your success. In the process of addressing your challenges, we work alongside your teams to empower, enable, and help you show up at your best.