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What is world with purpose UAE 2023 about?

GHAYA’s World with Purpose UAE 2023 is an exclusive and invitation-only event tailored for industry leaders, CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, policy makers, academics, NGOs and youth leaders committed to enabling global prosperity through 

Immerse yourself in an intricately crafted experience where participants not only gain valuable insights but also embark on a collective journey of growth. Engage in collaborative learning, forge purposeful connections, and partake in deliberate planning sessions that shape the trajectory of conscious business for the future.

To be a part of this transformative gathering, nominate yourself or another visionary Purposeful Leader by completing our nomination form. Your participation is not just an attendance, but a pivotal contribution to enabling global prosperity. Join us at this annual event where purpose-driven leaders converge to inspire, innovate, and elevate the impact of business on the world.

The World with Purpose experience is created with deep intention so participants walk away with meaningful connections that will last far beyond this two-day event and tactical takeaways to help leaders advance their businesses with purpose embedded at the core.

Who will be speaking?

WORLD WITH PURPOSE is a global and inclusive summit which fosters great minds and anonymous heroes from around the world who from PURPOSE have created unimaginable impact for both people and planet. GHAYA has attracted several prominent speakers and opinion leaders to speak to five impact areas namely world economy, interior condition of leaders, enterprise transformation, impact financing and sustainability. Our highest goal is to bring speakers who can inspire business leaders to find purpose in everything they do and drive change at personal, scale and systemic level.


What will be discussed at world with purpose?

Given the escalating rate of disruption and the growth of the population, it is imperative to engage in profound and comprehensive dialogues to guarantee a sustainable existence for everyone. The obstacles we face are intricate and necessitate a novel strategy. Repetition of the same actions while expecting different outcomes is unfeasible. This is why GHAYA has opted to delve into the internal journey of leaders and their evolutionary intelligence withing a setting of  world economy, business transformation, and purposeful leadership. We believe that this exploration presents a genuine prospect for achieving distinct outcomes and generating meaningful change at the core of our summit. This approach is deeply aligned with the SDGSs 2039 combined with the IDGs, as a framework for meaningful transformation and impact. 

GHAYA is forging ahead, driven by urgency, yet excited by possibility of a world where no one gets left behind.

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