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Alia Julfar

Youth and wellness partner life coach

Alia Julfar, a dedicated advocate for youth empowerment, sustainability, and holistic well-being, serves as GHAYA’s Youth and Wellness Partner. Originally from UAE, she is currently pursuing her studies in Economics & Quantitative Econometrics at the University of Southern California(“USC”), USA. With a dynamic background, including a valuable internship at DIFC’s financial tech hive and a track record of launching entrepreneurial ventures from a very young age, Alia’s professional journey is defined by innovation and unwavering ambition.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Alia possesses a deep interest in wellness and nutrition, firmly believing in the power of a healthy body and soul to drive positive change. Beyond her academic commitments, she actively participates in USC’s Economics Women Forum, where she proudly represents the United Arab Emirates. Her unwavering belief in the potential of youth and their pivotal role in shaping the future fuels her passion.

Alia’s vision centers on a world with purpose, and she is on a mission to inspire fellow Emiratis to join her in this critical endeavor, bridging the gap between sustainability and well-being. She recognizes that today’s youth are not just leaders of tomorrow but also change-makers of today. Her commitment lies in empowering them to collaboratively build a more sustainable, prosperous, and healthier world for all.

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