Creating Systemic Change for People and Planet



Marc Padberg

Collective and corporate healing expert founder of deep dialogues

GHAYA Corporate Healing Expert and Founder of Deep Dialogues

Corporate healing facilitates the growth of companies through healing the causes of the adverse impact its actions have had on its people, its stakeholders and/or the environment.

Marc collaborates with highly qualified organizations and experts in designing and delivering Healing Journeys and Healing Labs that create a new sense of possibility and purpose. Clients describe it as ‘the brakes having been released”.

Marc also supports leaders in organizations, politics and business in consciously leading from the heart. He sees personal transformation as the heart of systemic transformation. Through personal transformation the peaceful and creative transition of organizations, communities and societies.

He blends a background in business (MBA, Managing Director, BCG consultant) with work in systemic constellations, trauma healing and conflict resolution. His last full time role was as a global leader of Aberkyn, now a McKinsey company.

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